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The Friendo Year Endo is an Award Show and celebration of all the wonderful streamers and communities we've met along the way; all the victories, tears, laughs, shouts, and smiles. A Celebration for an incredible year, and a hope for many more to come. 


Your Co-Hosts for this year's event will be PrezOfTheCastle, HydroxideAnt and The3rdKnight.

Awards are divided into 2 categories. Streamers (Main Show) and Games (Pre-Show)! With a special category award for Anime of the year as well.


These Award categories are specifically meant for the streamers we all know and love! Celebrate, be merry, and cast your lot in with this wonderful cast of friendos far and wide!


These Awards are meant for the Games we've loved sharing with everyone this year! Experiences, tears, laughs, and the first time you met you're favorite streamer, it all started here.



The Award Show stream will be LIVE Jan 6th at 3:00PM EST 2024, on PrezOfTheCastle's twitch page. A Quick Link will be available in the top right corner of this website closer to event.



The Show will start with opening remarks followed by the Pre-Show: Anime Of The Year and Game Awards. Next will be the main show of Streamer Awards - with Indie Game Trailers Revealed between categories! We'll top it all off with the Sprout Award, Graduation Award, Vtuber Of The Year and Streamer Of The Year, and end with closing remarks.

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