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The Friendo Year Endo is an Award Show and celebration of all the wonderful streamers and communities we've met along the way; all the victories, tears, laughs, shouts, and smiles. A Celebration for an incredible year, and a hope for many more to come. 

What is the Friendo Year Endo?

 A couple years back everyone around us was having a pretty rough go - COVID year I think - and we wanted a way to cheer folks up and make folks feel better themselves. So we put together an event for our close friends to recognize each others achievements, but than friends wanted other friends, and so on, and got more organized and snowballed into an award show.

So now we are a small streamer award show on our 3rd year! We use a rotating panel to decide nominees which change every year. Last year we even started including indie games and musical performances, showed off 40 new and upcoming indie games, had 3 recorded musical performances and so on. Basically its become our way of spreading support and spotlighting underappreciated or unnoticed talents and hard work, centered all around small streamers

How Are Nominations Made?

We use a rotating panel which can nominate up to 2 people per category. We do have a few restrictions: 

  • We place a follower count restriction, this year being an 8k cap.

  • Partners aren't eligible for awards outside the graduation award,

  • Last years winners cannot be nominated for the same category they won before

  • The nomination panel cannot be nominated for any category to avoid familiarity bias.

  • No one can win more than 2 categories, if this occurs, they will win the 2 categories they had the highest lead in.


How Do I Vote?

A Voting tab will open on the website that will have all the categories linked to voting forms. For all streamer categories we require 2 different votes for any category you are for. This is to prevent larger streamers from easily steamrolling smaller ones

When Is The Show?

This years show will take place on Saturday Jan 6th 2024 at 3:PM EST, time subject to change.

What Is The Graduation Award?

Not to be confused with a Vtuber retiring. The graduation award is specifically meant to celebrate streamers who hit partner status on Twitch within the past year.

( To be clear this award recognizes streamers who hit partner this year, it is purely celebratory and no winner will be voted on)

Basically partners aren’t eligible for other categories but a lot of folks want to celebrate friendos hard work achieving that milestone

What Is The Sprout Award?

The Sprout Award is a special category meant to recognize promising new and upcoming streamers.


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