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Meet The Team



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Prez is the originator and director of the award show, and endeavors to improve each years show to recognize a variety of under appreciated streamers and spotlight various indie games and other talents.

He is a firm believer in spreading the good beyond yourself and giving people a sense of hope and home.


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HydroxideAnt a.k.a. Tony is a Twitch streamer who specializes in FPS games, Pokémon and having a silly goofy time. Tony runs a weekly podcast called Background Noise that has been held every week for over 500 straight weeks that feature a weekly topic and interacting with chat.


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Account Executive by day, #1 Ranked Florida Man by afternoon, and variety streamer by night, The3rdKnight is Twitch's "perpetually happy to be here" guy that enjoys competitive Pokémon challenges, indie games, cosplay, and all things Nintendo. In his free time, Nate likes to put work towards his side quests of cooking, music, fitness, and creating spaces where people can be themselves unapologetically.

Art and Web Design

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Migi is Prez's main artist and a wonderful friendo to many streamers!
She's a professional digital artist under the business name DawnDragon Art, aiming to make the visual world a more personal and beautiful space for each of us. Sometimes she can be found streaming her art or playing games on twitch as well!

Production Team

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Production Team Lead


My name is Sylva, I'm an artist, Live2DModel rigger, and a variety streamer who streams on Twitch. Just an elf librarian trying to spread fun and variety among her lovely bookworms.


Production Team


Mari is an online influencer who hopes to make her mark in the world through her various variety livestreams on the platform Twitch. She hopes to prove that dreams can be rached no matter how high they may appear. It will take time, but Mari hopes to reach the stars alongside her fellow supporters.


Production Team


I've been trapped in my computer as a living avatar....and I love it! I'm a variety streamer V-Tuber that leans heavy into the retro. I also create 3D art!

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Production Team


I'm Sinnamon Snow, I usually go by Snow! I'm a university student who streams a vareity of cozy games and school work when I can.

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Production Team


I am hallie and am so excited to be included with the third annual friendo year endo! i've assisted with highlight reels for every fye thus far and am pumped to be a part of the show again! i'm a variety streamer with a very chaotic/chill energy. mainstays on my channel are pokemon, hades, and general gaming and i am super into super smash bros melee for the nintendo gamecube. 


Production Team


Ex-Problematic comfort streamer. Current Video Editor for a few fan favorites. 23andMe confirmed, 0.2% built different, top 100 monkey baller.


Production Team


Lovely to meet you! I'm SerenityOfTheMoon and Im really excited to be apart of the Friendo Show! I stream on Twitch and take commissions on Vgen! I hope you stick around and meet me along with all these other lovely people here as well!

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