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Nomination Panel 2021

Here Is The Wonderful Panel Of 10 Judges Who Helped Select The Nominees For Each Award Category

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Co-Host, media development LLC president of Studio Glass Castle, aspiring game dev, and all about good times good vibes, and wholesome energy


Co-Host, Painfully Optimistic. Awkwardly Wholesome. Streaming Organized Chaos 5 days a week.


The Princess of Twitch is BargainBinGaming. You can find him typically streaming older games, such as some from the Xbox/PS2/GameCube era. He also has a Podcast weekly on Saturday evenings.


Safe space provider , lots of RPGS , a place to forget about the day for a few hours


hal here! i am a wannabe variety streamer that walks to the beat of a different drum. planet halnett welcomes you~


I'm Littlekittn, emo, weeb, cat, and 2B enthusiast. I play RPGs, VNs, and the occasional shooter. I like to hang out and chat about anime, figures, games, and whatever!


Variety streamer and retro games collector from the UK, A PS fan boy by heart, mad streamer by night, streaming for a year and loving every second of it.


I am Peach_Zee, also known as Alan. I stream all games on hard mode, and I am also a part of the Official_Millennials production group. I'm your guy for anything technology wise, Dungeons and Dragons, programming, music, or anything in between.


RockStarLexxi / Retro / Modern Variety Streamer


Laidback, coffee-addicted, gearhead gamer who plays retro and modern games.

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